Sealing solution after Rotary Equipment Diagnostics on site.

For a South America based dredger vessel we overhauled the bearing assembly of a GIW LCC Jet pump. For this bearing assembly we designed new sealing systems in order to solve leaka...

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Double Cartridge Mechanical seals 135mm

REPLACEMENT OF MECHANICAL SEALS NIJHUIS JET PUMP On board a dredging vessel we carried out the overhaul of a Nijhuis jet pump. Full disassembly of the pump took place on board, the...

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Overhaul of ‘BULK’ Butterfly valves

For our customer we overhauled 66 High Seal Butterfly Valves. We completed this job in four days. It concerned the following valves: 36 x DN200 18 x DN80 6 x DN250 4 x DN300 2 x DN...

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Nijhuis Mixflow pomp

NIJHUIS MIXFLOW PUMP For one of our customers we replaced the mechanical seals on a NIJHUIS mix flow pump. This pump is used for the dredging industry. We did this job partly on lo...

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Overhaul if 8 inch ball valve

OVERHAUL OF 8 INCH BALL VALVE WESTAD RV For one of our partners, we completely overhauled an 8 inch ball valve. We disassembled the valve in our workshop and carefully inspected it...

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Overhaul of Somas Segment Ball Valve

OVERHAUL OF SOMAS SEGMENT BALL VALVE For a new customer, we overhauled a Somas Segment Ball Valve. We completely disassembled and cleaned this valve. The gaskets, seals and bearing...

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Overhaul of Breather Valves

Overhaul of breather valves Albion got commissioned to overhaul a large batch of breather valves. We carefully disassembled, inspected, cleaned and blasted the valves. Seats were ...

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