Overhaul of Breather Valves

Overhaul of breather valves

Albion got commissioned to overhaul a large batch of breather valves. We carefully disassembled, inspected, cleaned and blasted the valves.
Seats were lepped and/or replaced as needed. All metal-to-metal was either lepped or replaced. The other seals like gasket O-rings were replaced. After that, we reassembled the parts. We then re-adjusted and tested the breather valves on our calibrated test bench. We completed the test results and re-tagged the valve with the adjustment data and the certificate number. A coating in the RAL colour indicated by the customer was applied.

In the end we carefully packed the breather valves and shipped them to the customer. Albion took pride in undertaking this job for a very happy customer.



Top caps are coated

Testing breather valves

Packaging and shipping

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